Monday, November 30, 2009

Do What You Can

Unless you've been living under a rock in Toronto, you know about the Toronto Humane Society. Last Thursday, senior officials at the THS were arrested for animal cruelty charges, among others.
The charges aren't a surprise, except maybe for the fact that no one ever thought they'd actually be charged.
What has come to light is worse than expected...most immediately, there are currently about 1500 animals at the THS in need of care.
There are almost (or possibly more than) 200 small animals at THS. The focus is on the 800 (!!!) cats, but 200 small animals is no small beans either.
The OSPCA is in charge for now, and there is a small army of volunteers (including TAS people, and in a limited way, me) helping clean up the mess. I think the magnitude of this craziness has inspired everyone to want to help, and you know what - not everyone can volunteer, but everyone can help.
* Spread the word. Don't attack the dedicated THS workers who have done their best - focus on getting the senior officials prosecuted.
* Support organizations such as local rescues (Toronto Cat Rescue, Rabbit Rescue, etc) or TAS - and most importantly - once we can be sure the funds are going to the animals, keep donating to the Humane Society. They have hundreds of animals in need of care.
* Hug your own animals! I've been doing that a lot - it helps!

And especially, if you have rodent cages, towels, blankets or other supplies (anyone have cat/rabbit litter? That would be much appreciated) --> Drop them off at River Street!

(I tried to put cute photos in this post cuz I think everyone could use some cuteness at the moment!)

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