Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Updates

Well, how about those TAS animals? I've been a little distracted this week with all the mess (plus we had a crisis with Carmen the canary), but I haven't forgotten about them. Actually after all the craziness I'm quite looking forward to a visit on Saturday!
More importantly, I have a number of updates and news.
First off, Riff-Raff and Houdini the orphan hamsters have found a beautiful new home where they are being spoiled, and where they live in a palace.
Here's the great update I got from their new owner:
Hi Laura! Riff Raff and Houdini were adopted from TAS on November 28th after reading about their story on the TAS website. They join Sweet Murie the cat (adopted from TAS) and Foxy the Chinchilla. I am happy to report they are enjoying their new delux hamster compound with lots of fun tunnels to explore. They also enjoy playing on their wheel. They are very friendly and enjoy being held. You did a great job raising them.

In other great news, Chloe the big snuggly bunny got adopted already! She's just on hold for some nice people. Yay Chloe!
I meant to say this, oh, about a month ago, but Fanny/Simone - the brown lop from ages ago who went to Rabbit Rescue - has been marked as adopted on their site.
And now we're looking at a potential home for Lily the guinea pig...nice to have a bunch of good news after this week!

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