Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Hamsters!

Check this out! When we were at Petsmart for the adopt-a-thon, somebody (not naming any names) went a little crazy buying pet stuff. One of the purchases was this thing - a play pen for rodents. So we decided to give our three hammie boys some time in it. It was a big hit!
"I'll go over, you go under!"
Ollie has the cutest face in the world.
This was hilarious. The wheel doesn't really fit on the stand, so it wouldn't spin - it just sat there. We put it in and Ollie was like, "Hey guys, it's the wheel!!"
So everybody had to come check it out...
So Alastor and Jamie decided to make the wheel move through sheer hamster-power! It sort of worked, which was the funniest part.
But of course, the toilet paper roll will never be beaten for a hamster's favourite toy, no matter how fancy the set-up.
Bailey the lovebird also stopped by to say hi! He couldn't figure out how to get in though, because apparently he forgot that he can fly.
Group hug! Overall the 'playground' was quite the success!