Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Happy Hammies

The Orphans also got some playtime in the playground. Houdini and Riff-Raff went first. I think Twin 2 got adopted (yay!), which means these two will go to the shelter to wait for adoption.
Houdini especially liked playing with the cardboard. She was running all over the place (well, more than unusual). I have a very strong suspicion that their lack of nutrition/mother when they were babies affected these guys' brains as well as their growth. I mean, they're smaller than normal dwarf hammies, they've got big eyes, and they act totally nutty. They never stop running and jumping - usually into solid objects, like the wall.
They're still cuties though. Plus they're very gentle when held. Riff-Raff the one-eared wonder was not as impressed with the playground as her sister. She mostly sat in the corner grooming herself.
Nicky and Molly also got some time to play. It's been decided that Nicky and Molly are staying here with us. We didn't want to give up Molly the super-mom, and where Molly goes, Nicky goes.
I also got another fantastic update from the new owners of Boxer and Thundershock (once known as Twin 1). Those two are obviously being spoilt rotten in the best way possible!

Hi Laura,
Hope you are doing well. We have recently found out that some hamsters really enjoy it if you give them a tiny bit of goat cheese. Boxer still loves boxing and he's taught Thundershock a few boxing moves. They have a new wheel, the same as before, still a green silent spinner, but smaller, so perfect for dwarf hamsters. They also have a smaller water bottle, which Boxer loves. Whenever he sees it, he'll drink from it, thirsty or not. Now they have two sleeping places, so if they get fed up with each other they can escape. They really enjoy climbing in and out of tubes, especially the ones with a hole in the top which they can pop their heads out of. We have also noticed that since they are nocturnal, if we put a towel over their cage, they will come out of their nests after a few minutes, even if it's daytime. That's our news, will write again. Thundershock says hi.

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