Saturday, December 26, 2009

Every Creature Was Stirring

If we had a mouse, it'd be perfect. But we don't, although we do have a new hamster with quite a story to tell.
Everybody at our house had a great time on Christmas morning.
Alice was pretty much obsessed with this bowl o' treats all day, and didn't budge until the whole thing had been inhaled.
This may look like a rather unglamarous shot of Carmen the canary, but it makes me thrilled because she is standing on both legs! We recently had a crisis with Carmen that left her crippled - her leg was badly broken. Thanks to (expensive) veterinary medecine, she is mostly recovered but we're keeping her in the cage until she's 100%. She did get some exciting Christmas treats however!
It was a rather exciting Christmas, as this year brought a lot of new family members. It was the first holiday season with our family for Alice, Carmen the canary, and all the hamsters. The hammies seemed to enjoy their buffet.
Loki and Bailey, who have had many Christmases with us, were excited to get treats - they know what the tree means. This year it was Bailey's favourite treat; he was thrilled but Loki was a little disappointed.

More good Christmas stories of spoiled animals came from the new owners of some of our hamster babies!
From the young girl who's the new mom of Boxer and Thundershock:
I just wanted to tell you that for Christmas Santa brought me a HUGE hamster cage. It has a great wheel and comes with a gnawing block. It comes with two built in beds and a lookout tower. It's all stuck together with tubes, Boxer and Thundershock
love it. Boxer seems so content, he sits in one corner grooming himself. Also, I put up one-inch stockings for Christmas and Santa put one peanut in each!

And from the new home of Riff-Raff and Houdini:
Merry Christmas!
The Hammies are snuggled together side by side in their little nest. Riff Raff and Houdini got hamster treats for Christmas and played inside and outside their cage today. They are soooo cute! They want to come out on my hand as soon as I open their door.

And with all that, Christmas is over for another year.

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