Thursday, December 17, 2009

Home for the Holidays, Part 1

You know what would be wonderful? If the bunnies and guinea pig of TAS South all found homes before Christmas and New Years (I would say Channukah, but it's already started so it's a little late). I know the chances of that are approximately, oh, negative five, but hey - tis the season of miracles, right?
Around mid-December (or earlier), you start to hear about 'finding homes for the holidays'. (NOT as Christmas gifts, just to clarify). TAS South is a great place but spending the holidays in a shelter cage is not exactly every bunny's dream.

So, who needs homes for the holidays at the moment?
Holy moly, someone take Chubbs home already! Look at her - she's cute, she's pretty; sure she's a little shy but out of the shelter environment, I bet that disappears super fast. Christmas day will actually be her third month anniversary at the shelter.
If Fred and George weren't a pair, they'd already be gone. Especially Fred, who is just about the friendliest, sweetest bunny ever. But they are a packaged deal because they love each other far too much to be separated. Unfortunately for these guys, it's harder to find homes for pairs, and they've been with us for almost two months now.
Lenny is new to South, but he's been in the system for about a month. He seems like a very laid-back lop. It was hard to get photos of him because he kept pushing his face into the camera, looking for pets!

Right now, TAS South has 8 rabbits and 1 guinea pig, which means the room is full. Here's hoping for it to be at least partially emptied by Christmas!

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