Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black & White

Last weekend I couldn't help noticing that about half the animals I'd photographed were black and white. Is this a new theme or something?
The Rex from yesterday. The first photo I took of him was one of the ugliest photos I've ever seen of a rabbit, so I'm glad he posed more nicely the next time!
Ok, technically Pepper is black and white and brown, but he counts. We had a grand time throwing the toilet paper roll at each other. He may not like being handled, but he's so playful and fun it doesn't really matter.
This is Kelly, who is in Bradley's former window and looks an awful lot like Bradley. She is a funny girl, she acts rather coy and then the minute you pet her she sprawls out in front of you, wiggling around happily. What a goof! She has been at the shelter for ages, she arrived way back in August.
And finally this is Miley. She's a young cat and very hesitant, but it only takes a short time before she starts to come out of her shell to say hello. She has lovely markings! She's in the other window, with my favourite old boy Sunny, and has been at the shelter since mid-November.

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