Monday, December 14, 2009

New Kids on the Block

From what I hear, the donation drive did really well, so kudos to anyone who contributed!

Back to TAS - South had 3 new bunnies this weekend, plus a guinea pig. As I was leaving, it sounded like another bunny was heading in, soooo we are full again. Sheesh.
A Rex came in as a stray last week. The Rex breed never lasts long, because of the fur that makes them so distinctive (it feels like thick velvet) and because they generally have very nice temperments. He seems like a bit of an oddball but he's certainly a nice bunny.
This regal-looking lady came in only a few days ago, also as a stray. Another one thought to be her daughter came in with her, but sadly died of unknown causes the next day, so this one's also under watch for the time being. She has very shiny fur - she looks like she could be a fancy kind of guinea pig.
Isn't this one of the cutest faces you've ever seen? This guy is named Chico and he was transferred from one of the other regions of TAS. He's been in the system for about a month now. He is a very friendly little guy, and just so adorable!
This cutie is Lenny, who's a transfer from the North shelter and has also been in the system for about a month. Like Chico, Lenny is an owner surrender, and I have no idea how anyone gave either of these boys up. Lenny doesn't have the most stunning markers, but he has a sweet face and a very cuddly personality.

Lily the guinea pig is now out of our house and in her new home! Her new owners were thrilled to have her and I think she will be much-loved.
Also, Pepper is still at the shelter. When I saw he was adopted, I was surprised that it was him and not his brother Skipper, who's much friendlier. And what do you know? The names got mixed up. It is Skipper who found a home and Pepper who's still waiting. Those brothers are so confusing!

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