Thursday, December 10, 2009


First off, the THS Protest Group is holding a donation drive for the animals at the Humane Society this weekend! This is amazing and they are amazing for doing it, because supplies are definitely needed. Toys for everybody are especially needed because most of the animals need stimulation.
Here's the information:
- Over 1000 animals needing supplies
- 7 am to 7 pm on Saturday Dec 12 and Sunday Dec 13
- Drop off donations at 11 River Street (Queen St E & River St)
For the Dogs
  • Used/new blankets (not feathers)
  • Dog beds of all sizes.
  • Strong leashes/collars (all sizes)
  • Plastic basket muzzles of all sizes
  • Plastic bags for the dog walkers
  • Dog toys of various sizes
  • Grooming supplies
    For the Cats
  • Plastic cat toys. The cats and kittens have been living in small cages with almost no stimulation. Some of these cats have been at the shelter for years and would appreciate a toy.
  • Towels, small cat beds
  • Powdered Kitten Meal Replacement)
  • Large plastic litter boxes with no hood.
  • Cat treats
  • Grooming supplies (nail clippers!)
  • Metal Bowls (no plastic please)
    Small Animals & Birds
  • Houses, hiding places
  • Hammocks
  • Toys --> Plastic cat toys, baby rattlers and chew toys
  • Food
  • Exercise wheels
  • Hanging water bottles
  • Bedding/litter
  • Fresh hay
Warehousing animals does not equal rescue. There are over 50 rabbits at the Humane Society, and the first day I went, most had no interest in me. They didn't run over in excitement for food, or for attention, or for toys. I'm not saying they were vicious or even angry - they were bored. There weren't enough employees to be able to give them the attention they needed.

Rabbits don't really ask for much. A week later, most of them are friendly and active. They run over for food because they know they're going to get greens and boy, do they love their greens. They throw toilet paper rolls around. They stick their noses through the bars to be stroked. We aren't lavishing attention on them now or anything. But we're company, and there's greens, and that is all it takes. That's not to much to ask of a humane society, is it?

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Marg said...

Not too much to ask-I think that's the way Humane Societies are suppose to be!