Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coup D'Cat

Yes, another cat post. They need love too, after all! The excellent title stolen from someone better at puns than me!
These two came in together but they don't seem to like each other, so I'm pretty sure that won't last. They're fairly new to the shelter, having been surrendered on November 28th.
Misha is a very pretty girl, and the bolder of the two. They both act shy, but they also really want to be cuddled, so once she realized she was getting head-scratches, she was out of the box and sitting beside me.
They certainly liked that box! Misha's just over 2 years old.
Monkey is a really unique-looking cat, and I don't mean that as an insult. She kind of reminds me of a panther. She's five years old. This pretty girl is addicted to head-scratches.
These two are just gorgeous, but what might hold them back is their shyness. Hopefully with the lovely cat-cuddler volunteers, they'll come out of their shells!


Sharon said...

omg i love that shot of misha peaking out of the box. lol. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Where they get the box? I think my foster cat would like one.

Laura HP said...

Thanks Sharon!

Anonymous, the shelter has lots of those boxes for the cats, I'm not sure where they get them though.

David said...

Borrowed, not stolen!

If anyone finds a source for those boxes, please post -- they look like lo-fi fun!