Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Need Some Clever Titles Involving Cats

Yes, more cats!
First off, good news! Pepper has been adopted! It just goes to show, you can never predict who will leave first, because Pepper was definitely not the one I thought would find a home. I'm certainly glad he has though - Pep's got a home for Christmas! And he's not the only one:
Remember Bradley? This older guy found a home! Not only that, but his new family also adopted another older cat, a big black kitty named Andy. So huge kudos to those guys for adopting two big, older cats, who always have a harder time getting adopted.
I love older cats. Whenever I go in, I find all the ones over three years old and fuss over them. This older girl is Omega, and she is also seven (what's with the 7-year-olds?). I tried to photograph her before but it was such an appallingly bad photo I didn't dare post it. Omega has a few things going against her - she's kind of scruffy-looking, she's older, she has this tentative shyness to her, and her eyes always look like they're angry. She was surrendered in October by her owners. Looks can be deceiving though - as soon as I picked her up, Omega started purring like an engine! What this girl needs is a lot of TLC.
If anyone is looking to adopt a cat (and if you're not looking to adopt, why not?) - look at the older cats! They can be some of the most loving animals you'll ever meet.


David said...

What do you think of
Coup d'Cat

I have to admit I borrowed it from a friend...

Laura HP said...

Ooh I love it! I'll have to save that for a future cat post!