Monday, December 28, 2009

Just a Few Good Things

I have the easiest job possible at the shelter - I don't have to deal with the people who give up their animals, I don't have to deal with people who want to adopt for all the wrong reasons, I don't have to deal with the animals who are sick or won't make it. But sometimes you can't help but get sick of the stupidity behind the whole thing - why animals are dumped, why animals are lost, why animals aren't wanted. Just before Christmas, as the small animal room filled to bursting with surrendered rabbits, I may have been getting a tiny bit irritated with the world.
But then occasionally, I go in for a visit and somehow, lots of things go right - which is exactly what happened just before and just after Christmas.
Chico is quickly worming his way into my heart with his endearing face and attention-hogging ways. I took him out to get a photograph, but very little photographs were had because he promptly knocked the camera out of my hand and shoved his head there instead to get a pet. Of course I indulged him, and much to my astonishment, he began licking my hand and giving me kisses. It takes at least a bowl of popcorn to get my own rabbit to do that.
Scout is an energetic young lass, and she kept grabbing her cage door and pulling. Getting the hint, I picked her up to take her out, but instead of trying to leap out of my arms like most of the bunnies, she promptly snuggled right up to me. As a rule, rabbits don't like to be held, but Scout wouldn't be budged.
I went to see the cats and was firstly thrilled to see that Monkey had completely come out of her shell and turned into a very friendly, sweet girl. More importantly, I suggested Penelope to two women looking for a cat, because I do not show shameless favouritism, ever. A bit begrudgingly, I suggested a few others. They were interested in Penelope, however, and in they went to visit her. She made a spectacular first impression, but naturally they wanted to meet a few others. I tagged along, silently cheering for Penelope the whole time. Finally, they decided that they couldn't resist Penelope, and decided to take her home. After six months, Penelope had finally (and very enthusiastically!) been chosen.

The key to not getting a tiny bit irritated at the world is to remember that most people are actually fantastic, like the workers at South and 99% of the people who adopt. I always thought that saying, "one bad apple spoils the bunch" was stupid. We have lovely animals and they are well cared for, and as we hit the new year, they will find homes with good people.


chris said...

You new blog entry today is about good things happening... that is precisely what happened to me today.

I thought that I lost Houdini the dwarf hamster (living up to her reputation) when she escaped from the new tiny hamster ball I bought for her to play in (+ one for Riff Raff too). After looking everywhere, I was ready to give up. As soon as I opened the door and saw her waiting for me in the middle of the hall... scared and alone, it seemed like a miracle! She ran into my hand as I reached down to her to pick her up. I realized that she loved me and was happy to have me rescue her. I have heard that dwarf hamsters are not very tame and I thought that I might have to chase her - but not this one! I placed her in the cage with her sister and they both wanted to come out on my hand for some more petting. I gave them some treats and they happily munched away together. Now they are snoozing in their nest. Wow, what an adventure for a little hamster! Lesson learned: screw the top to the hamster ball on tight.

I have adopted a number of pets from TAS and I truly believe that these animals realize they have gotten a second chance at having a forever home and really appreciate and love their new owner... even a little hamster.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the women who adopted Penelope (now name Little Debbie). She was very sheepish for the first 3 days, but once we got her to leave the kitchen, she explored quite a bit and has now made the whole house her home. The 4th night, she slept on my lap and just loves having her belly rubbed. She is ridiculously cute and is very relaxed meeting new people, so my friends have now labelled her their favorite cat.
Couldn't be happier quite honestly. She will be a very spoiled girl for hopefully a long long time. Within a week, she has become the Queen of the Castle.