Monday, December 28, 2009


'My' cats (the few I actually know out of our many cats) seem to be flying out of the shelter! Penelope got adopted a few days ago, which was wonderful. Penelope had been there for 6 months and we were thrilled to see her leave! Miley was also adopted about a week ago.
When I'm talking to people waiting to adopt a cat, I usually find myself agreeing with them that it's almost an impossible choice. There are so many cats, and so many of them are beautiful and friendly. I have no idea how anyone chooses a cat! I usually say that it's hard enough to choose from the small animals, even though there aren't very many of them.
It's true! Right now there are 12 rabbits and a guinea pig, and I don't even know how someone would choose from them. This beautiful boy arrived at the shelter as a stray on December 22nd. He has gorgeous fur - I started calling him 'Fiver', because he reminds me of the rabbits from Watership Down. He's also quite friendly. At a slower time he would stand out, but right now? He's got a lot of competition.
Chico is one of the cutest little guys you'll ever see. Look at those big eyes and little white nose! He is also one of those bunnies that sits at the cage door with his nose sticking through the bars, waiting for attention.
Harrison is a Rex, which is an extremely popular rabbit breed because they have fur like velvet and very laid-back temperments, a characteristic to which Harrison is no exception.
Chloe is a big, incredibly fluffy lop who's super-friendly, although I suspect she's getting very annoyed at being in a shelter environment.

And there's still 8 others...An impossible choice! I guess you just have to wait for that connection that tells you that that animal is the one for you.

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