Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Much Is That (Cat) In the Window?

Cats! Firstly - Omega has been adopted, which was a big, awesome surprise. A huge happy holidays to the family that adopted that older, scruffy-looking, shy cat!
This dignified-looking lady wasn't on my 'cats-to-photograph' list, but my goodness, she's just so gorgeous I couldn't resist. Most of the cats leap out of the cage if you open it, which is why I gave up on cage shots, but Pecan here just sat, watching me sagely. She came in only a few weeks ago as a stray, and she's about 4 years old.
All right, so this is another cage shot. Sugar didn't feel like coming out to pose. She is a very pretty cat. I don't think she likes the shelter much, although she certainly likes that box. She's also about 4 and has been there since the beginning of November. She talks up a storm when you pet her!
This is Sara, who's just over a year and has been at TAS since October! She prances around like royalty.
And finally there's Miley. She's 1 1/2, and she's been at the shelter since November. I think she's grown up a lot since she arrived, she looks much older and wiser to me - but I'm not exactly a cat expert. She is very friendly and sweet!

On my way in to TAS a few days ago, I ran into a woman with a cat carrier who was leaving. I asked her who she was taking, and she smiled this huge smile and told me it was Lucky. Amazingly enough, I actually knew that cat, so I congratulated her and we wished each other happy holidays. Lucky was a young, jet-black cat who was super friendly, he'd been surrendered just over a month ago. Way to go, Lucky!

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