Thursday, December 24, 2009

Playing Favourites

Super exciting news - Sunny has been adopted! This seven-year-old boy was having a very hard time finding a home, and ended up at Petsmart last week to try his luck there. Looks like it worked out because he found a new family, just in time for the holidays! Sunny was totally my favourite cat at the shelter and I am thrilled he found a home at last!
Of course now I have to find a new favourite - I'm sort of torn by two lovely girls:
This is Penelope, and she's winning over a lot of people these days but that's a new phenomenon. Penelope arrived at the shelter all the way back in June as a stray. She's a young cat, just over 2 years old. When she came in, she wasn't social at all - she was shy and a little cranky and it's no surprise she stayed for so long.
Recently she moved into one of the front windows and got the space to herself, and suddenly she's blossumed into a totally lovely, friendly cat. She was circling me purring as I took her photos. It's like she's a whole new cat! Now people will see a potential family member when they look at her instead of a cranky black cat. So hopefully, after over 6 months at the shelter, Penelope can find a home.
And this is Nellie. She's about 3 years old and she's also been at the shelter for over 6 months! Nellie is kind of shy herself, although it really doesn't take much time at all for her to come out and say hello. Like Penelope, she's really come out of her shell over the past few weeks, and now she slinks out to meow a greeting and get a headscratch.
She's also drop-dead gorgeous. I love her markings and her colours! What a beautiful cat.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (or had a wonderful holiday for the Channukah celebrators)! Give your animals a hug =)

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