Saturday, December 5, 2009

One to Six

I have to say how nice it was to go to TAS today, where there are only 6 bunnies, and they all get vegetables, and toys, and hiding places, and attention.
Speaking of the six bunnies...
Pepper is such a cutie, and he's so playful. But he does not like being held. His brothers are quite squirmy too, but he just hates it. It's too bad, but lots of rabbits don't like being held. I'm just spoiled by the sweethearts we normally get. Pep is still a friendly bunny otherwise!
Chloe may or may not have a home waiting, it's up in the air. Either way, she's been spayed which is always good news! She had just had the operation so she was not up for much except some head pats.
You know, Chubbs is skittish but once you're holding her she's quite good. She's a big round fluffball and she doesn't mind being held at all. If only she didn't hide in her cage all the time! Once she's out you realize what a lovely sweet face she has. I really think she'd do well in a foster home, because she's proven to be much friendlier and outgoing out of the shelter environment, but for now she's stuck where she is.
Skipper's much friendlier than his brother, much calmer about being held, and yet I can never get a decent photo of him. He was having a lot of fun with those wooden tunnels.

Fred and George were having a lot of fun with a paper towel roll, which I think earns its own post. But here's a photo of George looking sweet from a few weeks ago. George acts very timid, but he really becomes very outgoing once he knows you, lets you cuddle him and everything. He just needs to get to know you first.
I am thankful that all these bunnies are sweet, gentle if not tame, and content until they find a home. Which will hopefully be soon!

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