Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scenes from the House

Lily here has found a home! She will be off to her new home next weekend, which means this lucky girl never even had to stay at the shelter. She went right from foster with me to her home. Yay Lily!
Yesterday I had Lily running around and Alice seemed kind of interested. Alice is the most laid-back bunny in the entire world so when Lily ran on to her dogbed, I wasn't particularly worried. And see the result -
Well geez, Alice, don't be shy or anything.
Actually I think they both enjoyed meeting each other and having some time as buddies. Alice is thinking "At least this one doesn't bite me on the nose, unlike those stupid birds."
Check out that size difference!
Not that I'm advocating keeping guinea pigs and bunnies together - that is a bad idea, give animals their own cages. But a meet and greet can be nice for everyone involved! Variety is the spice of life.
As I was watching them, I heard the whiny squeal that indicates a lovebird, and looked up to find Bailey having a grand old time with the drapes.
I love having a house full of animals. Never a dull moment!

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