Monday, January 25, 2010

Cat Interlude

Allie is such a doll, and I'm a sucker for the older kitties. She's not even 'senior' - she's only 6, but she's also fairly quiet. She acts very reserved, she reminds me a dignified Victorian lady. Or something. Anyway, she's nice and she's been with us quite long enough!

Capri has a very intimidating gaze, don't you think? She could've been a tiger in another life. She's been at the shelter since the end of September.

I love Sweeper's eyes! Like Capri, he has very intense yellow eyes. Sweeper is not aloof in the slightest however, and he gets right in your face looking for attention. This is a boy who really, really needs a family.

Ok I don't know this little guy's story, and I couldn't find him on the website, but goodness - what a cute face!

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