Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Become a Fan! (Please?)

Now that I have caught your attention with a photo of an incredibly cute kitty (no name but adorable!), I'm going to command your attention to two other sites.

First off, some of you people who read this blog (if there are people who read this blog?) must be on Facebook. Well, now you can express your support of TAS on Facebook! The South region, anyway. Become a fan! Even better, tell all your friends to become fans! We have 4 so far - I think that's pretty good, but you know what? I bet we could get to ten if we really tried.

Secondly, we're on Twitter too! For a shelter, Twitter's great - we can post certain long-term or special needs animals and bring more attention to them out of the hundreds on the official website. So if you're on Twitter, follow us! And share the link!
Spread the word!
In other fantastic news, Sugar has been adopted! That shy tabby really didn't do well at the shelter so it's great that she's gone.
And she's not the only one - Harrison got adopted!! I love when I'm there to see adoptions. I love being able to see them off - it's hard to get attached and then come back next week and find they've disappeared. Yay for homes, but it's nice to say goodbye. And bonus - I can badger the new owners for updates.
Harrison went to a lovely home with a truly lovely woman, who has a twelve-year-old rabbit. Not many pet rabbits are lucky enough to get to that age! Way to go, Harrison!
It was an exciting day with lots to tell - 6 new animals (including two of the cutest bunnies ever) and other news that will have to wait until the next post.

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