Friday, January 29, 2010

New Arrivals

There was a whole slew of new arrivals this week. Two budgies have wandered in, and they must've been really new because they didn't have cards when I went to visit. So I have no idea what their story is, but they are very pretty and not tamed in the slightest. Weirdly enough, there are 4 budgies at East right now. Where do these trends come from?
And we have a rat! I know we get them occasionally, but I've never been there for one. She's a tame little sweetheart, although unfortunately she's picked up a cold or something so she's under watch.
Poor Domino here has quite the story to tell. He's under two years old, but he's already been abandoned, adopted out, and then abandoned again! He's a lovely young Rex who certainly does not deserve such treatment, but he is now getting spoiled rotten at the shelter, at least.
Chocolate here is just about the cutest thing on four legs (no offense, Alice the rabbit sitting on my lap). I have about 50 photos of him because he is also basically a bunny super model, posing in a million different ways, each cuter than the last! Naturally he is getting his own post tomorrow, along with the other little boy who came in this week.
Thumper here has the most gorgeous colouring, he's really striking to see. Unlike Chocolate, he kept getting right up to the camera and it was quite the pain to get a still photo! They were together but were fighting and have now been separated. I can't imagine these little beauties stay for long.

In other news, Sherlock the guinea pig turns out to be a she (guinea pigs - not my forte!) and so is in need of a renaming. Hm. Agatha? Miss Marple?

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