Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Babies

Chocolate and Thumper are both 5-months-old males who haven't been neutered. For some reason, some people decided these would be ideal pets for a family with young children. Predictably, that did not work out so well.
Thumper's card has a little note at the bottom that says 'has bitten a young child'. I'm not surprised in the slightest, and it's certainly not because he's aggressive - he's a sweetheart. But he is a 5-month-old dwarf, and he is basically spring-loaded with energy. Rabbits shouldn't be pets for small children anyway, but a baby who just wants to run? Of course he bit. Honestly, people, use common sense.
As they always say at the shelter, better they dumped them with us than in the streets - and better than keeping them in a cage to be ignored for years. They are both friendly, handsome bunnies and hopefully will find much better homes in the future.

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