Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daycare Pets; Good to Kids

These two guinea pigs just came in today. On the back of their little pink card, it says "Daycare pets - good to kids age 4-5". Which sort of begs the question - if they're so good to the kids, why didn't anyone return the favour? Instead they get dumped at the shelter, albeit with a very nice cage.
Anyway, they're with us now, which is ok after a completely awesome day that involved THREE bunny adoptions! They're quite handsome, these two, and pretty darn friendly for guinea pigs.
Paisley is definitely the friendlier one. She squealed like a banshee when I picked her up, but once she got that out of her system she was actually quite snuggly. And she's gorgeous - you can't see in this photo but she's three colours.
Weet (?) is very skittish and very loud about her fear of giant human hands. Once we got her out of the cage, she was ok, but some socializing may be in order there. She's quite pretty too. They're a nice pair, they seem to get along quite well.

These two are our only guinea pigs right now, as Spike got sent to a guinea pig rescue: Guinea Pigs R Us, where it looks like he got renamed Lloyd (if that's him)!


EB said...

Cute piggies :)

And THREE bunny adoptions? Yay! Don't keep us in suspense!

Laura HP said...

Ha, sorry! They're up now =) It was a pretty good day! Only 5 bunnies now.

Mugundhan said...

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