Monday, January 11, 2010

Three in Three

Yesterday was amazing - three bunny adoptions in three hours! Ok, one of them was picking up a bunny on hold for her, but still - fantastic!
Chloe, our big fluffball, found a home with a family. I think the mom especially fell in love with her! That's excellent because Chloe had become grumpy in the shelter environment and even nipped a few times. She wasn't suited to living in a shelter (well, no one is). Now she's got a brand new home! And here's the really exciting part (for me anyway) - they found out about her on Bunspace! First time someone told me they actually read those things. I was thrilled!
Thumper had already been marked for adoption, pending her being spayed. Her new owner picked her up about an hour and a half after Chloe was adopted. She's in a bunny-knowledgeable home with another rabbit now.
At the same time Thumper was being picked up, a family with a young girl came in looking for Scout. Scout's on hold for adoption (another one!). I suggested Fiver, because he is the calmest, more laid-back bunny I'd ever seen and I thought he'd do well in a family with a child. I put him on her lap and he was the perfect gentleman! It was perfect - he just sat with her for about half an hour as her parents asked questions about his personality, history, etc. He was bigger and older than what they were looking for, but in the end he had won the little girl over and he went home with his brand-new family!
Not a bad day, overall!

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