Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cat Interlude

Allie has been at the shelter for a long time now. She was surrendered by her owners back in September. She's a little shy but she's a charmer and she needs a home! She's six years old but that shouldn't hold anyone back, because she's lovely.
Sweeper here is super-affectionate, maybe a little too affectionate actually! He gets right up in your face looking for attention. But he is a sweetheart with absolutely gorgeous eyes. He just needs someone to pay attention to him - all the time, preferably!
And finally we have Marshal! Marshal is adorable. He is a very handsome boy, about 4 years old, who came in as a stray. His fur is super shiny! Don't let the photo on the website fool you - he's not shy at all, in fact he's very friendly. He'd make a great family pet.

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