Friday, February 19, 2010

Brown & White Is the Way to Go

Allie has been sent off to Kennel Cafe at the suggestion of some bright volunteers. Allie's been in the shelter system for about a year, which is just ridiculous. Kennel Cafe is a great place, and this sweet, quiet girl's chances for adoption just went up about 100%.
Cider isn't at the shelter either, she's currently at Petsmart at Laird & Eglinton, trying her paw at finding a family there. This gorgeous girl has a very relaxed attitude.
Mesha has an attitude! She's an independent girl and really, really doesn't get along with other cats. Her personality quirks just make her more likeable, though, and she's quick to snuggle up beside you. She's great company!
Pecan is currently in the cage right beside Mesha, and they look like twins, which could be very confusing if you don't know them. They are nothing alike though - Pecan is very regal and dignified, calmly observing the people go by. When you take her out, however, she is sweet as pecan pie and happy to cuddle up to you.

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Marg said...

such cutie pies!