Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arrivals & Departures

The adopt-a-thon was a relative success for the small animals. Paisley and Weet, the guinea pig girls, were adopted, as well as Bonnie the baby pig. Chocolate (above) was also adopted. It's always a small worry about adopt-a-thons that these are 'impulse' adoptions. The guinea pigs will be fine, I'm sure, but I hope Chocolate got a nice home that gives him lots of exercise.
Clyde, the other baby guinea pig, had been marked as 'adopted', but the person who wanted him never came back! So Clyde, along with Thumper, is back at the shelter still waiting for a home.
The shelter also took a litter of darling puppies to the store, and every one got adopted, of course!
Pirate also got adopted! Hooray for Pirate! I hope we get an update on her, because she was just the most darling kitten ever. Thank you, adoptive family!
And finally, we have a new bunny at the shelter, and s/he (not sexed yet) is an absolute doll. I'm in love! This little one is a ball of energy, jumping over everything and crawling all over me (including jumping on my head at one point). She's just a bundle of entertainment, and hilariously crazy. Plus, cute as a button.
And in other 'arrival' news - Pepper the bunny has left my house and returned to the shelter as of today. I think he's a bit more socialized, but you know, it's hard to tell.
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Marg said...

I'm so happy Pirate got adopted and Chocolate is just a cutie pie.