Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Family Day!

Today was a public holiday in Ontario called Family Day. It's only the third year of celebrating Family Day - it was an election promise from our premier Dalton McGuinty, and it caused a large amount of grumbling from businesses who didn't want another holiday. Whatever, businesses, I love Family Day!
Because it's a public holiday, the shelter was closed, but I went in to hang out with the bunnies anyway. It was actually a great opportunity, because I got to use the big meet-and-greet room to let the bunnies have a nice run!
I took out Emma first. The dogs were barking a lot and the two new girls were getting stressed out. When I took her into the bigger room, she circled me a few times, staying pressed against me - clearly this sweet girl was a loved pet at one time, because she equated me to safety. After a little bit, however, she worked up her courage and enjoyed her exercise time.
She's such a pretty girl!
The boys, of course, loved the big room. Fred and George have a lot of energy and they loved the opportunity to explore a big space and play.
They are also dumb and have no survival instinct, as when the dogs went by they ran right up to the window and stared at them. Drove the dogs crazy! Those boys are certainly characters.
Lastly, I took out Daisy (she has a name now). She was very timid and nervous, and she sat on my lap while I stroked her and tried to encourage her to move around the room. After about 15 minutes I was ready to give up, but then she jumped off. She actually ended up making the most of the room, running around and bouncing off the walls.
I love being able to give them room to stretch those long legs. And it's nice to be able to focus solely on the animals, rather than talking with all the people visiting. Overall, a good Family Day!

Olympics-wise - Congrats Kristina Groves, Mike Robertson, and of course our new national hero, Alex Bilodeau!!!

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