Sunday, February 14, 2010

Field Trip

I went by the adopt-a-thon at Petsmart yesterday. Adopt-a-thons are a blessing and a curse - many homes are found, although there's also the worry of 'in-the-moment' adoptions at a pet store, and the small animals are stuck in a cage all day. Which usually makes them cranky and less likely to be adopted. The staff are always super-busy, so when I go I do my best to entertain the small animals and deal with small poking hands.
Thumper is a little boy who loves to run around, so we set up the cages so he could run around the tops however he pleased. He was a superstar yesterday! He was held by about 20 different people, petted by many many children, and he always came over to say hello, even after hours of this. He was a perfect gentleman! Unfortunately he didn't find a home but maybe today will be his day!
But remember how I said the guinea pigs would find a home? Adopt-a-thons are definitely awesome for guinea pigs. The two girls Paisley & Weet went to a home, as well as Bonnie (above), one of the babies. Clyde, the other baby, was waiting for someone who promised to come back and get him, but they didn't show so he's probably up for adoption again.
The staff were especially busy yesterday because we had a whole bunch of puppies! A litter of 11 was surrendered to the shelter a few weeks ago, and since they're old enough for adoption now they were brought to the adopt-a-thon. Of course they went super-fast! This little guy wasn't with them, but he was sure charming a lot of people.

I'm off to the last adopt-a-thon day now: Thumper and Clyde will try their luck again, and some more bunnies will probably join us. It almost sounds like a reality show!

On a non-animal note: CONGRATS JEN HEIL! (I'm a huge Olympics person, there's going to be a lot of this)


Anonymous said...

Be careful letting the bunny run around on top of the bars of the cage, my rabbit dislocated his hip by getting his leg stuck in the rungs of the ramp of one of those cages, rabbits always need solid flooring. great blog!

Laura HP said...

Good point, anonymous! We were a little concerned about letting him run on the tops, so on the next day we just had him running on the solid table.
Thanks for the comment!