Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update on Harrison

Harrison's new mom has sent along a great update:

I wanted to send you an update on Harrison, the rex bunny I adopted from the Horse Palace in late January.
He is a friendly, confident bunny who is getting along well with our "old" bunny and our guinea pig. He loves to run around in the designated bunny area of our house (upstairs hallway), and will hop over to me, my husband, and 6-year-old son to have his nose scratched. He is still (wisely) keeping a safe distance from our friendly but enthusiastic 2-year-old daughter.
He has gotten into the habit of using his litter box, and has established himself as dominant among the pets, which seems to be working out OK for everyone.
I will hopefully be able to send you a picture in the next week.

I can't wait for the photo! It's great to hear about Harrison having such a wonderful home after he waited so long. And see, children and rabbits can be in the same house if handled with common sense - I'm looking at you, previous owners of Chocolate and Thumper.

Now how about Domino, Harrison's lookalike? Poor Domino was adopted and returned within 7 months, so the shelter staff were rather protective of him. This sweet boy got adopted about a week ago, to what sounds like a truly lovely couple. Good news all around!

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