Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Remember Klaus, the half-blind white hamster from North? Who I so dramatically rescued at Christmas (not really)?
He's found a great new foster home that may actually be his permanent home soon. The family that adopted Boxer and Thundershock (from my first litter of foster babies) decided to take him home on a trial run, and it sounds like he's doing great:

Hi Laura,

I'll start off with Klaus - I love that name, so that's still his name but I added a middle name, Kyden. I just call him KK for short. He has his water in his cage in a dish, but it's up on a platform so his bedding doesn't fall in it. He has two beds, he slept in one for so many sleeps in a row that when he wasn't there, I thought he was lost! But no, he was just in his other bed. He seems to change his bed preference every week.

He loves sunflower seeds, just a few minutes before I started typing this message he was digging through his food bowl and he only eats the sunflower seeds. He shells them at about a mile a minute.

Now for the others - a few days ago my grandmother and I remodelled the tubing in their cage. There's not much to update except they have a new little bed shaped like a cottage.

Bye for now,

This young girl is just a great pet-owner! Klaus found a perfect family to take care of him.

In other hamster news - I have two new fosters! Yeah, I'm the hamster lady. These two are from Quebec (long story) and I have never seen hamsters this traumatized. I can't even touch them. This is going to be interesting...

Two new bunnies, large gorgeous girls, have shown up at the shelter as 'strays' (uh-huh). As well, two baby guinea pigs, only a few weeks old and the size of a hand, were surrendered.
This weekend is an adopt-a-thon at Petsmart, and I bet you anything all four guinea pigs will find homes.

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