Saturday, February 6, 2010

Give Hope some Hope

Here's a story to tug at your heartstrings. Hope is a young, pretty orange tabby who someone found on their porch. She had a badly broken leg, and was brought to the shelter. The vet costs were going to be pretty high, so a shelter worker took her home as a foster and is raising money to get her fixed up.
The initial vet visit revealed that all of Hope's legs had been broken in the past. They'd been left to heal without any vet care, so who knows how she'll move once this leg heals - but at least this leg will be treated properly. I can't imagine how anyone could do something like that to such a sweet cat. Even with all she's been through, Hope has been a total sweetheart at her foster home. We've set up a donation box at Kennel Cafe, a great local pet store. Hopefully someone will have interest in adopting Hope once she's ready for a new family, because this little girl needs a lot of love!
Above (and below actually) is a poster I typed up for the donation box. It may be the single cheesiest thing I've ever written, but it gets the job done!
Good news - Freddie & Vera the budgies have been adopted!
Looks like 2 guinea pigs and 2 more rabbits have shown up at the shelter, though, so no slowing down!

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