Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A family of guinea pigs has arrived at my house as fosters. The mom is a handsome brown/black longhaired pig named Nutella, but we didn't photograph her because she was busy getting mad at us for photographing her babies. She has three little ones. They were born February 21st, are 9 days old, and just unbelievably cute.
This little one has already earned the nickname 'Scruffy' because he's the only one with fur sticking up all over the place. This baby was a little nervous so we didn't get the best photo (I was wearing a red sweater, which reflected all over his face, oops). He's not actually red!
This one inherited mom's colouring and a lovely shiny coat. He's super, super loud and shrieked the whole time I was holding him. I think he got that from mom too, she's pretty talkative!
This one is totally my favourite so far, what a cutie! We've nicknamed her Butterscotch (we're just assigning genders randomly at this point) and she's quite calm in the hand. She's just a model for photos!

Hey, go check out the shelter Facebook page! We have 100 fans now, woohoo!


Caroline said...

Love the guinea pig photos! I had one like butterscotch when I was younger.

Anonymous said...

Nice facebook page! It's Fiona (Hamster girl).