Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Cat Kind of Day

I went to the shelter a few days ago with the intention of working with the rabbits (you know, what I'm actually supposed to do), but ended up photographing cats the whole time. It was the day of senior cats, as two more got added to the List. That beautiful girl above is Layla, who's 7 years old and was surrendered by her owners a month ago. She's quite aloof, coming over to say hello but being much too dignified to flop over for a belly rub.
Simba is 5 years old, and was also surrendered by his owners a month ago. Unlike Layla, he really, really wants your attention. His card has a note from a volunteer saying he 'seems to be sad lately'. This loving purr-machine really wants a family - he threw himself at me, cuddling up beside me, so happy to be cuddled.
So I was walking by Sweeper's window room, and I stopped to say hi to him as always, and saw a long-haired cat with him. A very familiar long-haired cat. I checked the card, and yup - it's Sunny, my favourite cat ever. He got returned because the other cat in the house beat him up. Poor Sunny, he seemed depressed to be back. I hope that doesn't hide his awesome personality from potential adopters.
Finally, to add some small animals to this post - the psychotic little dwarf got adopted already! Sounds like it was a bunny enthusiast, too! This precious little thing didn't even have time to get a name. Good for her!
A family of fosters coming my way tomorrow....heads-up for super cute photos!

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