Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Cat Interlude #8

I haven't done a cat post in ages! That's partially because my Cat List suddenly disappeared, with all 'my' cats getting either adopted, or sent out to Petsmart.
The sweetie pictured above is in the former category. Her name is Pudding, and she is just the cuddliest cat ever. I took her out and she immediately did this:
What a doll! Some really lovely people came to the shelter and fell in love with her, and I believe they took her home a few days later. If they didn't, someone else did, because she's gone. She'd been there since January (unbelievably!) so hooray for Pudding!
So who's left on the list? Amazingly, only three cats. Clearly I'd better go meet some new ones!
My favourite boy, Sunny, really hates being back at the shelter. He seems depressed. Someone take him already! He is such a sweet boy, climbing right on to your lap and lying down, ready for some cuddling.
Remington, as befitting his name, is a very refined cat. He's a very handsome boy, and while he's a little aloof, he's pretty friendly in his own right.
Ha, Mesha has attitude. I love her. She's very independent (and she hates other cats). She hates being in a cage all day - she wants to roam and explore! Once she settles down though, she also has a sweet side and is happy to lie next to you and be loved.

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