Monday, March 22, 2010


Doesn't Hobbit just have a gorgeous coat? I love his colouring!
This little guy has boundless energy. He just wants to run! He's friendly enough, and doesn't mind being held but really - he just wants to go, go, go!
I love his stylish mohawk. He did pose very nicely for photos (all the new bunnies did!). I can't imagine this hilarious little guy will be with us for long. He's fun, friendly and adorable.
Billy has a beautiful, super-healthy looking coat. He's a bit of an independent rabbit - he doesn't mind being held and coddled, but when it's his turn to run around, he wants you to leave him alone.
Cat (yes, she's named Cat - I have no idea why, but it's actually growing on me) looks a bit neurotic with her crazy blue eyes, doesn't she? She's a sweety though, if a little timid. She's not very friendly when she's in her cage, but I think it's because she's scared, because she's not aggressive in the slightest and once she's out she's quite cuddly. I love her poofy cheeks! Hobbit and Cat are both Lionhead rabbits.
I am totally falling for this old guy. Beans is an older rabbit who hasn't had much fun lately - he was dumped in a dog park. Yeah. Way to go, owners. Apparently this is not uncommon, which is just - what the heck? Anyway, Beans was found by a dog but seems to be ok. He was taken to the Humane Society but redirected to us. He is just darling. What a sweet, calm rabbit.
Maelle has been adopted! I'm so glad she found a home. Kind of amazing considering what a lunatic she was a month ago, when she first arrived.
So that's one down......15 small animals to go. Plus the four foster animals at my house. Hmmm.

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