Thursday, March 18, 2010


Look at this post, where I said we had empty rabbit cages.
Yeah, oops.
I have since been accused of 'hexing' the shelter, because right after I posted that the small animal room filled up to capacity and beyond. Sheesh.
Fred & George: 5 mos at the shelter, brothers, abandoned in an apartment
Pepper: 5 mos at the shelter, quirky personality, abandoned in an apartment
Emma: 2 mos at the shelter, quiet, ditched by owner
Daisy: 2 mos at the shelter, independant, ditched by owner
Maelle: 2 mos in the system, gentle, possibly born in a shelter
The Degus: 1 mo in the shelter, playful, ditched as 'strays'
Sparky: 1 wk in the shelter, friendly, surrendered by owners
Mr Guiners: 1 wk in the shelter, shy, surrendered by owners
Beans: 3 days at the shelter, lovely old man, dumped in a dog park (!!)
Cat: 3 days in the shelter, little neurotic, found as a stray
Hobbit: 3 days in the shelter, found as a stray
No name Dwarf: 1 day at the shelter, found as a stray

Yeah. Four rabbits in four days. Plus the degu adoption isn't looking very certain anymore. Come on people, our small animal room is not that big!
Stories of the new four to come tomorrow (and Beans has a lovely story).


Anonymous said...

LOL thanks Laura...LOL


Miss Courtney Lake said...

Good news!
I just took "Sparky" home yesterday. He has settled in WONDERFULLY. I am thinking of renaming him "Fuggles." He is a wonderful little piggy and big thanks to the shelter staff for setting him up with me!

Laura HP said...

Hi Miss Courtney Lake,
Thank you so much for adopting! Sparky was a very handsome boy and I'm very glad to hear that he's found a great new home =) I love the name Fuggles! Feel free to send more updates to my email (up on the right there), we never get tired of them =)