Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Wouldn't Call a Cat "Kitty" Would You?

Yeah, people call cats "Kitty" all the time. I don't mean as a term of endearment, I mean as an actual name. That is not an acceptable name! That's like calling your child "Kiddo". Do you really want them to show their ID and be forced to endure that humiliation? Yeah, I didn't think so.
What inspired this name rant? That handsome guinea pig above is named 'Mr Guiners'. I suppose I shouldn't throw stones, as I have come up with some pretty stupid names myself but....really? Mr Guiners?
Anyway, Mr Guiners is one of our newest residents.
Sparky is our other new boy, and he's just gorgeous. I love his colouring. Sparky's a lot less skittish than Mr Guiners, but they're both very nice pigs. Their coats are just stunning, which is rather odd, because they came in a very filthy cage and their nails were all curly and gross. So apparently their previous owners were negligent with cleaning, but they fed them really, really well. People don't make sense.
The four degus have found a home! Someone has come forward who wants the whole group. Hooray! I was afraid they'd be with us forever, since so few people know who they are.
I jinxed us by saying we have empty rabbit cages - two bunnies came in yesterday and filled them right up! Apparently they are totally adorable though.

Now go look at the Facebook page! We've almost got 150 followers - so exciting!

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