Sunday, March 14, 2010


Remember Hope? Can you even believe that's the same cat?
She is doing just excellent! She adores her foster mom (who's done a super job), she sits beside you purring like an engine. She can get around fine, although she has a noticeable limp.
She has a few personality quirks, as you might expect. Poor little thing had three of her legs broken, not all four as we initially thought - but one of them was broken twice. Her jaw was also fractured. I can't imagine who could do something like that to such a sweet little cat. She's only around 9 months old now. While she curls up next to you sweetly, she is constantly alert and sometimes irritable. This might also be because her leg is still stiff and a little sore.
But now she's in a safe place and loved and spoiled - and needing a permanent home! I think she has the prettiest little face. She needs an experienced cat person who's ready to love her for the rest of her life, personality quirks and all. It's not hard - she's pretty lovable!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she's been tended to and is healing up. Who knows what horrors she's been through in her young life? Now she can leave that all behind & let's "hope" a kind adopter shows up soon.

fais said...

has this cat been adopted yet?