Thursday, March 11, 2010

Latest News

Rather miraculously, I dropped Maelle off at the shelter today. Yup, she's come far enough to be put up for adoption! She's tame now, content to walk from hand to hand. She's still very skittish about having her head touched, and if she gets scared, she moves crazy fast. But it happens less and less and now she's almost like any other hamster.
I'm so proud of her! She obviously didn't have an easy beginning to life, and for a while I was worried she couldn't ever be just a normal pet. So hooray for Maelle! I left a sheet talking about her story and telling her next family to send us an update - I really hope they do, I would hate for her to just 'disappear'. Now it's time to focus my attention on Marianne, so hopefully she can go to the shelter and wait for a home too.
Ollie the budgie has been adopted! He was taken by some nice people who contacted me through the lost bird posting. They have another budgie they adopted a while ago from a different TAS location. Sounds like Ollie found a good home!
Sadly, Brian the blind degu had to be put down last week. He lost a lot of weight and ended up very thin and sick. Rest in peace, little guy.

The other four degus are still waiting for homes. They fight a lot as a group and I'm beginning to wonder if they should be separated into pairs. I think people are unsure of what they are, which is why it might take them a while to get adopted. That would be a shame, because they're really sweet.

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