Monday, March 8, 2010

Update on Moe/Skipper

Remember Moe? He was one of the bunnies abandoned in the apartment, along with Fred, George, Pepper and Skipper. He, Skipper and Pepper were almost identical. In fact they were so identical, it caused a lot of confusion and their names constantly got mixed up, so that when Moe got sent off to Rabbit Rescue, he ended up bearing the name 'Skipper'. Meanwhile, the original Skipper also kept his name, and they both ended up being adopted as Skipper. So Pepper's brothers both have the same name.
But that doesn't matter at all, because the Rabbit-Formerly-Known-As-Moe now has a totally awesome, bunny-friendly home! They sent me one of the best updates I've gotten, with great photos. Moe was a very nervous rabbit, so I'm so glad to see him in such a loving family!

Hi Laura,
My boyfriend and I adopted Skipper on February 3, 2010. Skipper was one of the bunnies who had been abandoned in an apartment and then rescued. He was at your shelter for a while. His "brothers" are Pepper, Fred and George.
He is ADORABLE! He's enjoying his new home, and his learning to have fun, relax and trust us. Skippy is making a lot of progress! He's very sweet, shy, and loves to play in the boxes we have in our living room. He flops frequently, and loves doing binkies when he's running around. Skippy has a funny habit of putting his front paws high up on his cage bars, stretching, and yawning.
Our other rabbit, Baby Sammie, is our big girl (10 lbs) (That's almost as big as Alice!) and she seems to really be interested in Skippy. She gets close to him and watches him, and she always wants to visit with him. We use a "bonding pen/run" so that both bunnies can safety get exercise and playtime, without any danger of fighting.
Skippy and Baby Sammie have met, and have been on a few bonding "dates", and they have done pretty well, and we think they will get along really well in time.
We absolutely love bunnies, and we are SO enjoying having Skipper as part of our home and family.
Ha, look at that size difference! I wish all updates included a photo album, there's something so awesome about seeing an adopted rabbit look comfortable and content in his new home.
Way to go Moe/Skipper! Thank you SO much to his adopters!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Laura...I like hearing about the small domestics...