Sunday, March 7, 2010


A539549 -Besides Brian, this is the only one who really stands out of the crowd. He's the largest, a little chubby, and has a rounder head than the others.
A539550 - This one adored that treat. As a commenter said on the last post, these guys are super-social and need to be in pairs at least.
A539553 - The group of five came in as 'strays'. Five tame, all-male, caged 'stray' degus. Sheesh.
A539554 - So could a degu be right for you? Take two! Or more! They really are a lovely bunch.

No one has come forward for the little budgie yet, although two people are interested in adopting, so at least he's assured a quick home. The time limit on claiming him is Wednesday.

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