Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shelter News

This little darling showed up at the shelter on Tuesday, in a brown paper bag with holes punched in it for air. He looked a little ragged, probably from being on the street in winter, but he was very sweet and quiet. He didn't step up on command, but he did climb on my hand to get a treat, and he's clearly not afraid of humans.
A sweet birdie like this has obviously been loved by someone - there's an owner out there. I hate the idea of lost birds. If one of mine got lost, I would have a heart attack. I posted this budgie on Craigslist and on Parrot 911, and maybe for once an owner will come forward. If not, however, someone has already expressed interest in adopting!
Have you ever heard of a degu? Because right now we have five! They are very gentle creatures and awesome companions. They aren't very well known, but they make lovely pets. Maintenance-wise, they're sort of a mix between a guinea pig and a gerbil. I'll be posting all five tomorrow, but this guy is definitely my favourite. He's partially blind from cataracts, so we nicknamed him Brian after the blind Paralympian.
And finally, in good news - Thumper has found a home! He actually got adopted with that crazy little dwarf, into a very bunny-knowledgeable home. Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

Just a note degus need to live in a communal enivorment. So they need to be adopted out in atleast pairs!