Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Cat Interlude #10

I'm out of the city this week and away from the shelter, so how about some lovely cats who need to get away themselves?
Sunny is still there. Sunny has been on this blog more than any other cat, because I adore him even though he's now got a reputation as a grumpy old man. He's cranky and depressed and he snarls sometimes. He really needs to get out of there, but there is a nice cat in there and I hope someone sees that.
Weezer is a darling boy who is equally playful and friendly. He's happy to be held and he's happy to explore. He has this adorable habit of scooping up his water with one of his paws. He's been there for about two months, and he may or may not be at Petsmart right now.
Hershey is such a handsome devil. I love his beautiful coat. He's such a lovely cat, and so much fun. He loves to play and will leap ridiculous heights to catch a toy.
I have no idea why he's been waiting for almost four months, because he's affectionate and active. He was surrendered, I believe, for spraying in the house...lo and behold, the shelter neutered him and now he's wonderfully litter-trained and spraying isn't a problem. Like magic!

I think Hershey and Weezer will both be at Petsmart for the adopt-a-thon this weekend (if they're not already there). They were both left unpicked in the Kennel Cafe adopt-a-thon - hopefully they have better luck this time!

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