Thursday, April 29, 2010

An English Spot

English Spots are a breed of rabbit. They happen to be my absolute favourite breed of rabbit, because they're fun and amazingly adorable, but mostly because my first rabbit was an English Spot (mix).
Nancy was my first rabbit, and we made a lot of mistakes. I think everyone who's into rescue or seriously into animals has a past pet where they'd like to go back and change something.
We got Nancy from a pet store, which was the first problem. They promised us she was a pure dwarf, which clearly turned out to be untrue (as it always does). She grew into a weird looking rabbit, a fairly large body, buggy eyes and disproportionally tiny ears.
We really didn't know what we were doing with Nancy. She mostly lived in a cage, she didn't get regular greens, and I was fairly small then and probably terrorized her.
We did do some things right though - she had regular hay, irregular vet checks, she was spayed.
Nancy and Loki (our cockatiel) quite enjoyed each other's company. They would play hide and seek, since Loki liked crawling in and out of her cage (the door was always open).
We did do one thing totally right with Nancy though - we loved her very much. We had her for 11 years and although she was a cranky little nutcase, we loved her and we tried to do our best. She introduced me to rabbits and I like to think she had at least a decent life.

What brought on this look back is that an English Spot (mix) showed up at East region of TAS this week. He was transferred to South and I am excited to see him when I get back!

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