Sunday, May 2, 2010

Starbuck & Ariel

Apparently the adopt-a-thon was wildly successful! I missed all the action, but Pinocchio, Nutella and Butterscotch got adopted! Also, that English Spot that I was so excited to meet got adopted before I got home. Of course! But good news all around.
We have two new bunnies at the shelter; they arrived with the English Spot. All three of them were transferred in from the East region, since we have space. I took the two newbies out today and they are both just delightful.
Starbuck here is a little skittish but I'd put that down to the big transfer and change of surroundings. He's very sweet and has absolutely no problem with being held, having his nails trimmed, being petted and being picked up.
He's a very handsome fellow, with beautiful colouring. His coat is a little coarse, he needs a better diet with more hay and greens. He was marked as a female, but there's pretty strong suspicion that he's actually a neutered male.
Ariel is an absolutely gorgeous girl and a lot of fun. I've seen a lot of mascara-eyed bunnies, but never with brown mascara. She's a cutie! It's hard to see in the photos, but she's missing half an ear on the right side. It's old and totally healed over - it adds character.
She's a little fire-cracker. She dragged me all over the field, dashing from place to place, investigating everything. She's very pushy and nosy, shoving her face into everything, jumping on you, climbing on you. I love her already - she's got attitude and quite a personality.

Neville unfortunately has ear mites, so he's a little subdued at the moment - aka not climbing the walls as per usual.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was thinking of adopting Nutella from Animal Services (I just called there today) and when I googled her just now to show a friend I found your blog. Has she already been adopted? I am happy for her, but sad that I won't get to meet her if that's the case!

Laura HP said...

Hi Christine,
That's very cool you found the blog! Sorry to tell you that Nutella was adopted over the weekend - I'm sorry you missed her, she was a sweetie! If you're looking for a guinea pig, I guarantee we'll have one soon, we almost always have at least one. You can keep checking the blog and I'll post, or if you'd like to send me an email I could let you know!
Thanks very much for your interest in adopting =)