Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Two: Adopt-a-Thon

Yesterday was the last day of the adopt-a-thon! Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, despite the crazy weather on Saturday (Sunday was much warmer and nicer). Everyone had a good time including the animals, although by Sunday evening they were all tired out!
Best of all, we had a whole slew of adoptions.
Six more cats got adopted on Sunday! Thomson, the big brown tabby, was among those. He didn't go home with the family who visited him yesterday, but with some extremely nice people who have already let us know how much they love him. This sweet girl in the photo above is Petunia, and she also found a home!
We brought Billy and Daisy for the bunnies. We almost didn't bring Daisy but eventually she did join us. I immediately put her on a leash and took her out front - a big bunny like that was sure to catch people's eyes! Doesn't she just look like she belongs on a leash? Daisy was fantastic, and this is another example of how hard it is to judge bunny personalities in the shelter. They're stressed, they're in a cage all day, and it's hard to tell if they're genuinely crabby or just not good with dealing with the shelter environment. Daisy has never been mean, but she hasn't exactly been a social butterfly in the shelter.
Well, sheesh. Look at that. She was a complete doll at the adopt-a-thon. She wanted nothing more than to curl up in your arms and lie in the sun. What a suck!
Luckily, Daisy really turned on the charm and a young couple just fell in love with her. They weren't even looking for a rabbit, but look at that face - Daisy's irresistible! They went out and bought supplies (including a harness!) and came back for her a few hours later. Daisy is definitely going to be spoiled rotten! I hope we hear an update at some point! And to think, we almost didn't bring her.
We put Billy on the harness and just as I expected, he went totally nuts. This rabbit has ENERGY. I mean, I thought Pepper had energy, but Billy puts him to shame. As soon as I took him outside, Billy took off down the street, dragging me along with him. After a while, he calmed down and sat with me, but I'm sure we were an entertaining sight for a while there.
Billy also charmed someone over, a very nice lady who also owned a dog and a cat. She brought her lovely dog in to meet Billy, to make sure they got along. Billy was completely disinterested, but the dog seemed to like him! She decided to take him home - it may not work out if he doesn't get along with her cat, but she seemed like a very responsible pet owner and we haven't heard anything yet, so fingers crossed!
We took Pepper out as usual - he just loves being outside. He was great about being on the harness for ages. He's just so good outside the cage, it's a shame he turns into such a grouch in the shelter. Once again, he was the last one left and the only one not adopted - poor Pep! However, a lot of people were falling in love with him, so I'm hoping someone comes for him at the shelter. It sounds like a potential rabbit adopter is coming to the shelter on Thursday, so maybe they'll be interested in him!
So, totaling both days of the adopt-a-thon, we adopted out:
* 18 cats
* 2 dogs
* 3 rabbits
* 1 hamster

Not too shabby, especially considering this was the first adopt-a-thon where rabbits were adopted, and they went 3 for 4!
It sounds like we're doing a Petsmart adopt-a-thon in a few weeks, so the small animal room seems to be emptying out. Just in time for the post-Easter rabbit rush, I suppose!

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