Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day One: Adopt-a-Thon

As we were setting up the animals this morning, it snowed.
And then it hailed.
And we thought, "Holy moly, no one is going to come."
Luckily, we were totally wrong!
While the day started off a little slow, it quickly picked up, especially when we took some animals out in the front of the store to lure people in off the street (the adopt-a-thon is held in the backyard). One volunteer took this adorable cat and just zipped her up - she was pretty content! It was absolutely freezing but soon we had tons of people and the adoptions began to pile up.
We took two dogs, a sweet little puppy named Daisy who went almost immediately, and this wise older boy named Scout. Scout was an angel through all the madness, and he too got adopted a few hours later. His new family were completely enamored with him. I don't think Scout has to worry about losing his home ever again.
A grand total of TWELVE cats got adopted! We thought the kittens would go fast, but happily a lot of the older cats also found homes. It was a great day for cats, and by the end of the day we only had four left over. Hershey, Sebastian (a long-haired black and white who looks a lot like Sunny) and Thompson (above), plus a tiny little kitten. I suspect Thompson will go to his new home tomorrow, because a very sweet little boy came in and held him near the end of the day, and it was pretty much love at first sight for both cat and boy. Thompson watched him leave until he was out of sight!
A bunny has never been adopted at one of these adopt-a-thons (people come for the cats and dogs). They only brought bunnies because I badgered them into it, and they were laughing that it was a little pointless. So I (brilliantly) declared that at least one bunny would be adopted if it killed me.
Well, thank goodness the best bunny adopters ever showed up! This incredibly lovely couple, who had researched bunnies in depth, came to look at Cat. I had her on a harness at the front of the store, and Cat was just lovely with them. It sounds like she's going to have a absolutely wonderful home! They put her on hold and will be picking her up in a few days. Hooray!
Once Cat was unavailable, I put Pepper on the harness to take him outside. Nothing catches people's interest more than a bunny on a leash - they look, do a double-take, then go "Oh my gosh, is that a bunny?" And then you can lure them into the adopt-a-thon! I was a little hesitant about Pepper though, since he can be a grouch sometimes.
Well, look at that photo up there! He was a perfect gentleman the whole time. Pepper loves being outside the cage. We basically had him outside the whole day, he was my buddy for the day and he did a great job! No one took him - but he charmed a lot of people and there's always tomorrow!
Another small animal got a home today - Rusta got chosen by a lovely woman who just fell in love with her. There she is, wrapped up in her new mom's scarf. That little hammy is definitely going to a good home. I was giving out the blog left and right, so hopefully we'll get some updates soon!
Overall, it was a fantastic day despite raining, snowing and hailing at random intervals. I hope it's a little warmer tomorrow! We'll be bringing more cats (and probably dogs), as well as two more bunnies (Daisy and Billy). I can't wait to get big girl Daisy on a leash, she'll really catch people's eyes!
Here's hoping tomorrow is even BETTER!

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