Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tabbies, Tabbies, Everywhere

I've mentioned before that 'trends' show up in the cats that come to the shelter. It's the weirdest thing and I have no idea why, but sometimes the majority of cats will all be one colour. A few months ago, we got a ton of black and white cats. Right now, it's brown tabbies.
This is Toffee. She's 3 years old and came to the shelter as a stray. She's such a sweetie, she flops right over and wiggles toward you wanting some love. She's been there since January, who knows why.
Thompson here is also about 3 years old, and is such a sweetheart. He's super huggable. He cracked me up because he moves like a hesitant panther - slinking around you, with a hint of shyness. But then he shows his true character:
He's got a big belly and loves to roll over and let you give him a big rub. This chubby boy was surrendered by his owners a few weeks ago. I don't know how anyone could give up this darling boy.
Sasha is in the window with Toffee at the moment, and they are super hard to tell apart. You just need to look at the eyes though - Sasha's got these huge, gorgeous green eyes. She is a very in-your-face cat about wanting attention, but she's very gentle and pretty funny to watch.
And there are more...I guess it's just a brown tabby kind of time.


Caroline said...

Hi Laura,

Are you on holidays? I miss your blogs.


Laura HP said...

Hi Caroline,
I'm not on holidays, I've just been super busy (plus computer troubles). Sorry! There's actually lots of shelter news from the past few days, so I promise there will be a new post tonight!

Thanks for reading :)