Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ferrets Just Wanna Have Fun

A ferret showed up at the shelter a few days ago as a stray. Usually ferrets are only with us for a few days before they get sent to a ferret rescue, and I never actually get to see them. But the workers had this cutie out in the office, playing and getting into everything.
And I mean everything (that's a shoe)! Ferrets are super-curious...he went behind the computer, into shoes, into the garbage. It was a lot of fun to watch. He was quite the sweetheart and had obviously been treated well by somebody...he looked very healthy and was very tame and happy to play and be cuddled.
Ferrets can be excellent escape-artists, and he was found wandering an apartment building, so we assumed he escaped from his home.
Happily, his story already has a good ending - his owners showed up to claim him and took him home! Obviously they're going to have to be more careful in the future, but the little guy looked very well cared for so I'm glad he found his family.

Speaking of having fun at the shelter, I took this video of our new lop bunny the other day. His name is now Neville, and he has turned out to be hilarious. You can just watch him for hours, he never slows down!

There's lots going on at the shelter right now, including an adopt-a-thon this weekend that's keeping me quite busy (hence the lack of posts). There are new faces, a few adoptions, more kittens, and other craziness. I'll be posting a lot over the next few days!
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Caroline said...

Great video Laura! Neville looks like quite the handful, hopefully he'll get to be a free range bunny when he's adopted.

Laura HP said...

Thanks Caroline! Ha, whoever takes Neville will have their hands full, because he never stops moving!

Elizabeth said...

My boyfriend found our first ferret on second street (tongue twister) sooo I am actually starting to believe this may be a pretty common occurence for ferrets to escape.