Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tis the Season

It's kitten season!
This sounds thrilling and adorable, but it's actually a bad thing. Every spring the cat population explodes and all shelters, including ours, fill up with moms & their litters and orphan kittens. It's a crazy time and a lot of foster homes are needed (and adopters of course!).
This adorable pair hasn't had an easy start to life. They came to the shelter only a few weeks old and went to a lovely foster home - and then their foster family had a house fire!
Luckily, all humans and animals were unhurt. Now these guys are at a local vet clinic, waiting to be adopted. I hope their life is less exciting from now on!
This little sweetie isn't up for adoption yet. She's marked as a stray and only 6 weeks old and she' in Cat Room 1 right now, which is serving as a nursery. Look at that pink nose!
EDIT: This little girl has found a foster home while she grows up. Her foster family posted a photo on our Facebook page and are calling her Lola!
Of course, there are many older cats who shouldn't be overlooked just because it's kitten season. Check out this wise old girl - Lydia is 8 years old and came in as a stray! Pff, 'stray', yeah right. She's very dignified despite the indignity of being dumped.
Lydia's fairly new to the shelter...our cat rooms emptied out recently with a whole bunch of adoptions (hooray!), so there are a lot of new cats I'm getting to know. I think I'll do another cat post soon because a lot of them are really sweet!
Unfortunately, the small animals have not had a nice adoption spree to empty out the room, and it's still packed. Unhelpfully, someone dumped another rabbit on us yesterday. Isn't he a handsome little thing? Lops usually go fast, so maybe he won't have to stay with us too long.

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